Quick Report: Channel

After choosing the Channel quick report you need to define which network and which channel/channels you would like to measure.

When you have chosen a channel, you will get a preview of your report with the following predetermined modules, depending on the network you have chosen.

Customizing Your Quick Report

After you have created the quick report, you still have numerous post-editing options available making the pre-set quick reports also highly flexible.

  • By clicking the little pen icon, you can rename your report and modules, edit individual modules, add new modules, choose different networks and channels to measure and define how you would like your measurements to be visualized (key metrics, line chart, bar chart, pie chart or table).
  • By clicking the trash can icon you can delete the modules you don't need or delete your entire report.
  • You can choose a time range for your report (7 days, 14 days, 30, 90, 365 days or define a Custom Range).


When creating a Channel report, it is recommended to add no more than 15 channels per report.


  • By clicking on the Information icon, a detailed description of the metric will appear in each module.
  • You can also add additional modules to your report by clicking + Add Module.
  • Hover over the different metrics to display tool tips containing additional information.
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