Measure Reports FAQ

Which user roles in my organization can view, create and edit reports in Measure?

Only administrators and team leaders can create, edit and remove reports. Users who have access to all of the channels measured in the report can view the report regardless of their user role.

Example: If user A has access to channel X but doesn't have access to channel Y, the user A will only access reports where only channel X is being measured. If user B has access to both channels X and Y, the user B can then view reports where either channel X or channel Y is being measured and also view reports where both channels (X and Y) are being measured.

Which channels reports can I create in Measure?
We currently support channel reports for Instagram and Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn are supported in Dashboards.
Does the Measure data go back in time?
Data for all networks can be generated from the day you add the channel to Falcon.
Will the reports be accessible in white-label?
The exported reports won’t have any branding on them. However, there’s no specific space in the reports reserved for company logos.
How do I export my reports?
After you have created your report (see how to create a custom report here), you simply have to hit the export button in the right-hand corner of the platform. Choose your preferred format and you can find the report in your downloads.
How can I duplicate my reports?
With a few quick steps, you can easily clone your existing reports. Please refer to the following article for more details.
Can the reports be sent automatically, i.e. every month?
Yes, you can setup scheduled reports to be shared both internally or externally via a designated email address. Once setup, emails will be sent to delegated recipients with a link to download the report in the file format XLS or CSV. The frequency of the emails can vary between daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly. You may read more about scheduling reports here.
I would like to include info texts in my reports. How can I do that?
Especially when sending reports to parties outside your own org, it might be nice to have the info texts included to your reports. Enabling this is very easy. Just remember to open the i-icon before exporting your report.
How many metrics can I measure at the same time?
You can choose up to 5 metrics to measure per module. However, you can always add a new module to your report if more metrics are needed.
How many channels can I include in one report?
We recommend to go for no more than 5-10 channels per report. More than 10 channels can cause high loading times, or even a loading timeout.
What is the maximum time range I can choose for my reports?
You can create reports with a date range of up to two years.
Can I have data backfilled?
If you are missing data in your reports, we might be able to retrieve this through a backfill. Please reach out to the Support team for assistance.
What is the difference between page reach and post reach?
Post reach is the number of people who saw a specific post from your channel in their news feed. Page reach is the number of people who saw any of your channel's posted content during the time period you have chosen.
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