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As a rule, YouTube channels are integrated with a Gmail account. This integration can complicate the process of adding the respective channels to Falcon.

Below is a step-by-step guide going through all the steps and begins with the creation of a Gmail email account.

In certain situations, where a YouTube account is older and has been created with a non-Gmail account, adding the channel to Falcon can require that you 'use YouTube' with the channels' ID. In this example, that would be using the FalconsNew account (selecting the opposite channel option in step 5).

Add a YouTube Channel to Falcon

  1. Create a Gmail account. The account used for this example is: (User name = Laura Falcon).
  2. Once signed in to your Gmail account, use the direct link to YouTube from your inbox. This means that you will automatically be signed into YouTube. In this example, YouTube is used by Laura Falcon.
  3. If you wish to add your 'personal' YouTube channel, e.g. the initial one associated with your Gmail account, simply go though the regular channel adding process in Falcon.
  4. It is common that users create a new YouTube channel, which will then be used as the YouTube channel for their company. In our example, a new channel is created and named FalconNew. To do so, go to your YouTube Settings > select All my Channels > and Create a new channel.
  5. Once an additional channel has been added to your YouTube account, it becomes possible to switch between accounts on YouTube. In this example, it is possible to either use YouTube as Laura Falcon (a 'private' account) or as a 'public' channel FalconNew.
  6. In order to add the newly created channel to Falcon platform, e.g. FalconNew, please do the following:
    • Make sure you are using YouTube with the 'original' account > in this case, it will be the Laura Falconusername
    • Select 'YouTube Settings' and go to 'Advanced'
    • Under the advanced settings, locate the section called 'Signing in to older apps'
    • Select the public account, e.g. 'FalconNew' instead of the 'Use my current account' and save changes
  7. Return to Falcon and go through the channel adding process to add the FalconNew channel to the platform.
  8. If you create more public channels, for example FalconNew2, and wish to add the channel to Falcon platform, repeat the process from point 6.
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