Adding Channel Groups in Publish

What are channel groups?

Channel Groups are an additional filtering option in Publish that also lets you quickly limit the published content shown in for example the Content Calendar and the Content Pool to a group of preset channels.

Create channel groups for the content pool

  1. Channel Groups can be created by Administrators under Organizational settings. Select Channel Groups on the left-hand side menu, choose Create group to open the group creator.
  2. Name your group and select the channels that you want to include in the Channel group. Once you have included the necessary channels, press Done and your group will now be visible in the Channel Group list.
  3. You can delete, edit or simply view the channels inside a specific Channel Group from within the list view.


  • If you manage international or global brands, create a group with channels for a specific market.
  • Create a group with the brand channels that you manage.
  • If you manage a global brand with presence on multiple social networks, create a group consisting of all the brand's channels across all network types.
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