FAQ: Global Pages in Falcon

The Facebook Global Pages structure allows global brands to offer a localized experience to their audience.

Users see the most relevant content for them based on their IP location while brands keep a single Facebook URL for all their markets and gain insights on both global and local levels.

Facebook has approved my request but when I add local pages to Falcon, they all have the same name. How can I identify the individual pages?
You can reach out to the Falcon Support team and ask to get the connected Channels renamed. We'll ask you for a list of the Channels, with the Page IDs in a column and the new name next to it. With that information, we can rename your Channels in Falcon for you. These names will only appear internally within your Falcon dashboard and will not be visible to your customers.
Will I have to reconnect the Pages that are already within Falcon?
Switching to a Global Page structure shouldn’t cause your current Pages to disconnect. In the event, you need to reconnect your page you can find out how to do so here.
I am an admin on the Global Facebook Page but I don’t seem to have the access rights to a local market. Why not?
To ensure that you have access to the local markets, you need to have the appropriate access level to each of the local pages. Migrating to a Global Page structure doesn’t change any of the existing permissions.
How should I set up my Global/Local structure in Falcon?
As a best practice, we suggest to create separate teams by market (e.g: France, Germany, Spain, etc.) in order to facilitate your workflow management. By default, administrators on Falcon will also have access to all Pages.
What changes can I expect in Measure?
After you migrate, you will notice a one time spike in the data caused by the transition of fans from one page to another.From Facebook's side, it will take roughly 3-4 days after the fan migration is complete to reflect new Page-level insights for each country page. Within Falcon, when you create a Measure Report and select a channel page, you will receive insights for that specific page.
How can I see what the other markets are doing?
Within the Content Pool, you are able to repurpose content from other markets and translate it into your own local language. For more information on what the content pool is and how to use it, see this article.
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