TV Mode for Monitoring View

The Monitoring view in Listen now features the TV mode option. This allows you to view real-time content from your feeds side by side on a big screen - this could be for presentations or for display in your department. You can customize the layout of the screen for landscape or portrait mode depending on the amount of feeds you have selected. The platform will recommend the optimal position for your layout based on your feeds selection, and you can change it at will.

How to switch between tv and desktop mode

  1. Open one of your projects in Listen.
  2. Under Current view, select Monitoring view.
  3. Click Add Feed.
  4. Select which topics you want the feed to monitor, give it a title and click Save.
  5. Hit TV MODE on the top right.

In the TV mode, you can adjust your Preferences from the Settings button in order to:

  • customize the layout of the screen for both landscape and portrait mode
  • decide whether the feeds should be horizontal or vertical

Selecting the DESKTOP MODE button will bring you back to the original Monitoring view.


The layout options may be restricted based on the number of feeds you have selected.

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