Setting Up Alerts in Classic Listen

Staying on top of your brand’s digital reputation is a great way to gauge how your audience is talking about you. Staying up to date lets you alleviate customer concerns during a crisis or stay informed about the success of a carefully crafted campaign.

With alerts within Listen, you are able to receive email notifications based on customizable triggers. You can also enable alerts for users or email addresses of employees outside of your Falcon organization.

One example of utilizing alerts effectively would be to set up a Listen project around your brand name and creating an Alert that is triggered by a Medium Increase (50% above average) in mentions.


The information in this article relates to the classic version of the Listen module. For help setting up alerts in Listen | Powered by Brandwatch, please visit the guide here.

Setting Up Listen Alerts

  1. Within Listen, open your Project
  2. Select Alerts in the top right
  3. Choose the alert sensitivity
  4. Optional: Under the advanced options, set a minimum mentions threshold for Alerts to trigger
  5. Enter the recipients of the alert emails (either a Falcon user or an email address), and press Enter.
  6. Click Create Alert.

Alert Sensitivity Options

The Medium increase (50%), and High increase (100%) options will send an alert when mentions increase by respectively 50% or 100% in the last 3-hour period compared to the average of the past 24 hours.

If you choose the option at least one new mention, you will receive an alert once per hour, only if there are new mentions.

In the advanced options, you can set a minimum threshold for the number of mentions needed before an alert is sent. This will prevent too many alerts for projects with generally low amounts of mentions.

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