Managing Spam in Engage

The spam detection tool within Engage allows you to quickly cut to harmful messages. Keeping a record of spam messages in-platform allows to you quickly block those who have crowded your pages with unwanted content.

Spam is usually assigned to the following posts:

  • If from a user that has previously been deleted multiple times the last 3 months.
  • If it contains words that have previously been deleted (based on a complex algorithm).
  • If more than 75% of the characters in the post are in capitals.
Marked as Spam

Manage Spam in Engage

  1. Select the thread, choose the comment to mark as Spam.
  2. Select Mark as spam.
  3. The icon will turn yellow and the entire thread will appear when you filter for content Marked as Spam.


You can easily block users or delete their messages to ensure your focus is where it should be.

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