Creating and Managing Engage Feeds

Engage gives you the possibility to find and display the messages, comments, users, and important keywords that are most relevant to your workflow. In this article, you will learn how to create and manage your feeds.

Creating a Feed

There are two ways to create a feed: first, by clicking the Add Feed button in the top right corner and second, by running a search query using keyword(s).

Create a Feed from the Add Feed menu

  1. Click on the Add Feed button in the top right.
  2. Select basic filtering options like Networks, Channels, Message type, Marked as read by or Assigned to (these are explained below).
  3. Expand the Advanced Filter options to further customize your feed by Labels, Keywords, Dark Posts, Spam, Priority, and Sentiment (These are explained below).
  4. Save your Feed for quick and easy access by giving it a relevant title.

Feed options

Basic options
On network(s)
Choose the network(s) of which you want to see content in the feed.
On channel(s)
Select the Channel(s) of which you want to see content in the feed.
Of type(s)
Pick the type(s) of content that you want to see in the feed.
Marked as read by
Choose if you want to see content that has been Marked as Read by either yourself (Me), any of your colleagues (Anybody), or if you want to see content that has not been Marked as Read yet (Nobody).
Assigned to
Choose to see content assigned to either yourself (Me), a team that you belong to (My Team), one of your colleagues (Others), or see content that has not been assigned yet (Nobody).
Advanced options
With labels
Filter for content that has all the selected labels attached to it.
With keywords
Include only content with a certain keyword.
Without keywords
Filters out content with a certain keyword.
Visible on network as
Choose to show only posts that are placed on your wall (Page Post), or Dark Posts only.
Include content that contains one or more messages marked as Spam.
Include content that contains one or more messages marked as Priority.
Include content that contains messages analyzed with your chosen combination of Positive, Neutral, or Negative sentiment.

Create a Feed through search

  1. When you run a search query, the results will be displayed on the page. The resulting number displays the number of conversations where your keyword(s) appears.
  2. You will be prompted with a question underneath the first column to save your feed. Simply, click on the Save Feed button, give a relevant title to your feed and save.
  3. If you want to further filter your search query, click on the Edit button, and follow the above steps 2 through 3.


Running a search query will pull information from all Engage content - posts, post comments, comment replies, direct messages, as well as User and Channel names. Labels are not included in the search query.

If you type more than two keywords in one search, your results will pull that exact phrase. If you separate your keywords by hitting Enter, your results will be pulled using the OR boolean operator logic (meaning it will search for content including either the first, the second, or both keywords).

Workflow Best Practice

When handling content in Engage, we recommend the following workflow:

  1. Create a Feed for all incoming content or a few Feeds in which you divide content depending on your use case; either by network, brand, or message type for example. Set the Filter options for the Feeds to only show content that is Marked as read by: Nobody. These are your unread Feeds.

    Unread feed
  2. Create another Feed which has the setting Marked as read by: Nobody and Assigned to: Me. This is your assignments Feed.

    Assignments feed
  3. Create a final Feed that is set to include all content, with the filters Marked as read by: Me and Marked as read by: Anybody. This is your Handled Feed.

    Handled feed

This Feed setup makes sure that you can efficiently handle content from the Unread Feed(s) to the Handled Feed. Any time you send a reply, or handle a message in another way, you can mark it as read, which will move it to the Handled Feed. This gives you a clear overview of what needs your attention and what you have already addressed.

When working in bigger teams, other users can decide to assign you specific content that requires your judgment and expertise. That content will appear in your Assignments Feed until you mark it as read. An Admin or Team Lead can also assign incoming content to the rest of a team this way.

Manage Feeds

The top bar displays all the feeds you have created by title. By default, they are organized from the oldest to the left and the newest to the right. If you would like to reshuffle the order, simply drag the feed column left or right by grabbing the top of the column. The new order will be automatically saved and displayed in the top bar.

If you would like to delete a feed, click More followed by Delete Feed.

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