Setting Up a Zendesk Connection

The Falcon-Zendesk integration is built specifically to reduce clutter in your helpdesk, by allowing specific posts and comments within your pages to be promoted to tickets by Community Managers, Editors et al, even across a large set of social channels that your team is managing.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Within Settings, select Integrations & API then navigate to the Zendesk section.
  2. Click on the Connect button which will prompt you to enter your Zendesk information:
    • Subdomain
    • Username
    • Password


You can find your account subdomain in your Zendesk URL: [subdomain]

Creating a Zendesk Ticket in Engage

  1. From your Engage feed overview, select the conversation you would like to send to Zendesk.
  2. Click on the Assign icon.
  3. Click on the Zendesk tab, fill out the subject line and a description of the ticket and hit Create Zendesk Ticket.


The ticket will be sent as an unassigned Zendesk ticket.

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