Setting Up an Audience Synchronization

After setting up the connection, you will need to initiate a synchronization to import your contacts.

To start the contact sync, go to Audience > Import and click on the Sync button of your connected system.

Then map the Audience data fields to the corresponding fields of your connected system.

The Audience data fields are listed on the left, the CRM fields can be selected from the drop-down menus on the right.

You can reset any selection by clicking on the X on the right side, then choose again. Leaving a field unmapped will not import data for those details.

Finally, you will need to indicate whether you have permission to merge your CRM data with social profiles. If you indicate No, the contacts will be imported, but you will not be able to merge them with other (social) profiles. You can read more about that in this Help Center article.

When done, click Connect at the bottom.

Once you have clicked Connect, the syncing process is initiated. Now, please go to the Audiences tab, where you should see a new Audience with your CRM sync (e.g. Salesforce CRM connection).


The Audience might not immediately appear. You can refresh the page after a few minutes to see if the Audience is there yet. When it appears, the count will be 0. That is because the process of importing may take some time based on the amount of CRM contacts. The count will increase over time, so simply come back later or refresh after a few minutes to see the new count.

Done! You have now imported your CRM contacts to Audience and can start merging profiles. When mapped fields are updated or new contacts are added to the CRM, this will be reflected in Audience.

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