Integrations and Ads in Audience

Orchestrating touchpoints along your customer journey is essential in generating leads and driving conversion for your business. Within the Falcon platform, you can leverage the touchpoints to create the ultimate customer experience by segmenting, targeting, and analyzing the rich user data available to you.

Integrate Your Customer Data

We support integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot, which enable you to synchronize your customer data with our Audience module. You can also upload your CSV data to our platform. The contacts from the integrated systems are kept in-sync (one-way) from your system to Falcon. This allows you to create segments within Falcon that dynamically update based on changes you make in the contact fields within your CRM system, such as purchases made, lifecycle stages, or other categories.

Segment and Target the Right People

By going to the People tab in Audience you may filter for interesting segments and save those as a new Audience. The new Audience will dynamically and automatically update according to your CRM data. For example, if you segmented based on synced CRM fields, such as a lifecycle stage, the relevant changes you make in your CRM system will reflect in your Audience. By adding granularity to your segmentation, such as gender or job title, will allow you to target the right people, at the right time, with the right content.

Target With Ads on Facebook & Instagram

Based on your Falcon Audience you can create a Facebook custom or lookalike Audience straight from our platform. By including them in an ad-set in the ad-set creation flow in Falcon or natively on Facebook, you can easily target specific or similar people with ads on Facebook and/or Instagram. Any newly-generated leads and/or changes in contact fields within your CRM, like lifecycle stage, will be automatically reflected in Audience. This means that you target the right people and ensure your ad spend is based on the most up-to-date user data.


Creating Custom or Lookalike Audiences from an Audience in Falcon requires a list of emails. Falcon does not automatically retrieve email addresses for Audience profiles, but through a CRM integration these can be added manually. Only through these email address associations will your Custom or Lookalike Audience contain Facebook users.

Optimize Your Ads With Audience

In order to help you understand the impact of your advertising efforts with custom and/or lookalike Audiences, you can see the most important ad insights in our Publish section. By analyzing the data, you can adjust your segmentation and/or ads to further optimize your advertising ROI.

Through integration, segmentation, targeting and analysis, Falcon enables you to effectively bring social advertising to your marketing mix, without spending your ad budget on the wrong Audience.

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