Connecting Facebook Ad Accounts

You can now easily take control of your social media advertising budget by connecting your existing Facebook Ad Accounts and promote new or existing content directly within the Falcon platform.


All features mentioned in this article are only available to Falcon users with a user role of either Admin or Team Leader.

Connecting a Facebook Ad Account

The connection can only be established by a user who has Admin permissions for the Ad Account in the Facebook Business Manager. In addition, the user connecting the Ad Account should have also connected the channels that you would like to advertise for.

Ad Account Admin Permissions in the BM


The below steps can also be followed to reconnect or refresh an Ad Account connection.

  1. Within Settings, select Ad Accounts from the left-hand side.
  2. Select Add & Reconnect.
  3. Click Connect under Facebook.
  4. A Facebook popup will open. Log into Facebook and grant Falcon permission to access your assets. All requested permissions should be granted.

    Grant FB permissions popup
  5. Select the Ad Account to connect.
  6. Assign individual advertising roles (Analyst, Promoter, or Advertiser) to users in your organization.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-59-34-1

Advertise User Roles

Only users who have access to at least one Facebook channel that has a connected Ad Account in Falcon, can be given an ad account role:

  • If no role is assigned, users can see whether or not there is a promotion added to a post in Falcon (in calendar, content by state & editor), but they cannot see more information about the promotion or edit the promotion itself in any way.
  • Analyst users, in addition to seeing whether or not there is a promotion added to a post in Falcon (in calendar, content by state & editor), can also see the detailed information about the promotion. However, Analysts can not create or edit existing promotions in any way.
  • Users with the Promoter role have all the permissions of the Analyst. On top of that, they can also boost posts in Publish by using existing Ad Sets. They cannot create or edit Ad Sets and Campaigns in the Advertise section.
  • Advertiser users can do all - they can see whether or not there is a promotion added to a post in Falcon (in calendar, content by state & editor), see the detailed info about promotions and create/edit promotion on posts.

Ad Account roles only determine what you and your organization's users can or cannot do in relation to ads in Publish.

Now you're ready to promote your Facebook content via the Ad Sets created by your advertising expert.


The user roles for Ad Accounts are independent from user roles in Falcon. For example, an Editor in Falcon can be assigned the role of Advertiser for an Ad Account.

Promoting Content

When an Ad Account is added to Falcon, users with the Advertiser role will be able to promote existing or new Facebook and Instagram posts, using your existing Campaigns and Ad Sets or by creating new ones. Read more about promoting Facebook content.

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