Five-star customer service | August & September 2018


We now support up to 10 images in Facebook carousel posts and ads. With more creative space within a paid or an organic post, you can highlight different products, showcase specific details about one product, service or promotion, or tell a story about your brand that develops across each carousel card.

New filtering options in the Content Pool now allow you to toggle between these filters: Stock, Published, All. That's not all for managing assets and posts in Falcon - we've you can now right-click on posts and stock items to open them in extra tabs.


The Team Performance report got a major upgrade, allowing your customer service teams to evaluate how timely and efficient they are in responding to your followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Find what you're looking for faster! With the new filtering option to view My Reports vs. All Reports, you can save time and find reports that you created or that are available for your entire team.

The Publish report has been renamed as Publish labels report. New name but same great report that gives you an overview of how your content and campaigns are performing over time. This report isn't the only one getting a spanking new name. The Consumption metric found in the Content Performance module of the Publish labels report has been renamed to Video views. The metric is also available in Facebook Channel reports.

Plus more upgrades to Instagram image Stories. You can now click on an image thumbnail from the Stories module in the Instagram channel report and view it in all its high-resolution glory.


The release of the Audit Log service, which can be found in Settings, allows users to view activities and actions made on the Falcon platform. Administrators are able to view the actions of all users, while other users can view just the events in which they themselves were involved. Read about the activities that we track in the Audit Log right here.

Did a channel get disconnected from Falcon? Our email notification letting you know about the channel disconnection now includes both Administrators and Team Leaders. Read more about the Falcon user roles here.


Actions such as ‘mark as read’ and ‘reply’ on Facebook posts, comments, comment replies and direct messages made on the Engage mobile app will now be included in the Team Performance Report in Measure.

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