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After the successful launch of our Instagram Publishing Flow, is now first to market with Advanced Instagram Measurement. The days of building optimized Instagram campaigns are here!

Measure uses Instagram Insights API, which lives under Facebook Graph API, to bring you industry-first Instagram metrics.  You can now track and measure such activities as Reach, Engagement and CTA clicks from your brand's Instagram channel. The enhanced metrics are incorporated in the Instagram Channel report and provide a complete overview of your Image, Video, Carousel and Stories performance.

In this article you can find a step-by-step guide on how to connect an Instagram account to generate Measure reports and ensure that you are tracking the correct Instagram channel.


On Tuesday, July 18, 2017, Facebook deprecated the ability for users to customise link appearances via Graph API  (i.e. headline, description, image) from all link sharing entry points on Facebook, as part of their continuing efforts to stop the spread of misinformation on their platform. This means that no third party tool, such as Falcon, can offer this option anymore. Users can no longer edit link info for any kind of Facebook posts from inside Falcon, including all “dark posts” - also known as unpublished Page posts.

Read Facebook’s official updates about Link Preview Editing and API Link Previews change.

Publish released a small update to Campaigns. Previously, campaigns could be deleted by any user who had access to them. Campaigns can now only be deleted by admins and the users who initially created them.


The most powerful tool of a marketer is his rich customer data. Therefore, we are bringing new actionable insights in Audience with advanced and dynamic filters. You can now use these filters to create custom segments that will automatically update when a customer profile is updated. The filters also allow you to dive deeper and discover your next loyal customer.  Learn more here.

To refine your audiences even further without disturbing your regular working flow, we now allow you to merge user profiles in Engage, as well as in Audience. Searching and merging is so easy to do and gives you and your team an instant, 360 view of the people you’re talking to. View the steps here. See how it works in Audience:


Falcon has introduced 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) to futureproof your brand's social media presence

That’s one small login step for a user, one giant security leap for our Falcon mankind!” - Gergö Navratyil, Junior Product Manager.

A strong password may not always protect you against intruders, which is why Falcon is introducing an extra level of security for your benefit. All you need is a mobile device and an authentication app. Learn how to enable 2FA and social login here.

Remember that you can always check our latest feature releases in the “What’s new” section of the platform without ever leaving Falcon.

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