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We've made your content strategy workflow even easier in Falcon. Content Creators can create posts in Publish, and the content will be sent for approval to Editors, Team Leaders or Administrators before it gets published. This workflow of creating and approving content is a great way to make sure that your posts are consistent. Approving content is really easy.

Submit content as a content creator.

  1. Create a new post in Publish and select the Editor, Team Leader or Administrator you would like to approve the post.
  2. Select Send for approval. If you do not specify a user to approve the post, all users with approval rights for those channels will receive an email that they have content to approve. If you selected a specific approver, only that user will receive an email notification to approve the post. send-for-approval

Approve content as an editor, team leader or administrator.

  1. Go to the Awaiting approval tab in Publishing which will give you an overview of all the content that is yet to be approved. By selecting one of the messages you will see the details of the post. You can then check, change or delete content, geo-targeting, labels and scheduling.
  2. By choosing Approve and Publish the post will be visible on the appropriate social media channel.
  3. Once approved, it is possible to see both the author and the approver in the Published folder.


When a message has been approved, the author of the post will receive an email notification.


You can exchange feedback and brainstorm ideas by using the Notes feature. Learn more about this collaboration tool here.

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