Content Performance in Publish

With the Content Performance section in Publish, you can quickly find out which of your Facebook posts are performing well. You can sort posts by choosing a creation date range, with their most important performance indicators shown next to each other.

At the top, you can filter posts by Channels, labels assigned to the Posts, the date range, and keywords in the post text.

Clicking on any post in the list opens a detailed view with more information about the post and its performance, and options to copy the post, promote it, or open it on the native network.

Top Labels

This section contains a few top performing labels. Their statistics come from a sum of all the performance statistics of posts that have been assigned a label. The top labels section is not visible if only unlabeled content is selected in the top left filters.

The data is color-coded for the following metrics:

Purple: Owned
These are the numbers for your organic reach.
Blue: Earned
These are the numbers for your viral reach.
Green: Paid
These are the numbers for your paid reach.

The black numbers represent the total reach from owned, earned, and paid reach combined.

Performance Metrics

Each post has four performance metrics shown: Reach, Interactions, Consumption, and Negative Feedback.
The reach is the same color-coded bar as described earlier in this article.
Interactions is a sum of all the comments, likes, and shares your post received. Hovering over the number will show a tooltip with a breakdown by type of engagement.
Consumption is the total number of people that clicked on anything in your post, such as to play a video or follow a link. This metric excludes shares of the post.
Negative Feedback
The number of times a user took a negative action on your post, such as hiding or reporting it.


For a more in-depth analysis of the performance of your posts and Channels, be sure to head over to our Measure module.

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