Unpublished/Dark Posts (Facebook Ads)

Falcon.io enables you to track the performance of Unpublished Posts in real time. To learn more about how to track the performance of your posts see our article about Content Performance.

Overview: what are unpublished posts?

Unpublished (or Dark) Posts on Facebook are posts that neither appear on your timeline nor on the newsfeed of your fans.

These posts are used as ads or sponsored stories to gain paid reach only and to avoid spamming the fans of a page. Only non-fans that fit into the defined target group for the post will see this post in their news feed. If people click on an Unpublished Post, it will be shown like any other post. If someone clicks on the page link within the post they will be directed to the affiliated page.

In Falcon, these posts are marked with a special icon in Content Performance in Publish.

Engage with comments on unpublished posts.

You can also engage with comments received on your dark posts. Within Engage, a thread will be highlighted as Unpublished when engagement occurs on your Dark Post. As with regular post comments, you will be able to reply to comments, mark as priority, mark as spam as well as assigning threads between teams.


If your post includes a photo or video, it will appear within your albums - it just won’t appear on your Timeline.

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