Use Geo-gating

Geo-gating allows you to specify exactly who you would like to see your Facebook message/post based on their location. Considering the plethora of activity going on across social media every day - this feature will help you stand out by keeping your messages as relevant and targeted as possible.

How to geo-gate your content.

  1. Under Publish, select Create New Post.
  2. Choose the page you would like to post to - note that you can choose multiple pages.
  3. Enter your message (and/or selected media, i.e. link, video, photo) and scroll down to Geo-Targeting.
  4. Choose the Country from the drop-down list and select Add to confirm.
  5. Additional options such as City and Region will appear once you select the Country
  6. Select Publish or Schedule and your message will appear only to users with profiles that correspond with your geo-targeting selection.

How to set default geo-gating for a user.

In a Falcon profile, you can save a geo-gating template so that a user will always target a specific country. To set or change the targeting preferences for user:

  1. Go to Settings in the bottom left menu.
  2. Go to Users, select a user profile, and click Show Advanced.
  3. Set the geo-targeting template for the profile under the option Geo targeting.
  4. Click Save Changes.
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