Post multiple images in a tweet

Within Publish, you can make your Twitter content stand out by adding multiple images to your tweets.

Whether it's an innovative image quiz contest, a showcase of your recent product line launch or a behind-the-scenes special series of images, you can now show your followers the bigger picture.

Adding multiple images to tweets.

  1. Within Publish, select create a new post, and choose your Twitter channel(s).
  2. In the editor, add your text content and select the Upload Photo option.
  3. Select between 1-4 image files (max. file size 3mb). Note, only single-image tweets support .gif files. Tweets with multiple images do not.
  4. Edit the individual images with the Photo Editor, if desired.
  5. Add labels/schedule/approver as necessary.
  6. Select Publish/Schedule and your tweet will be published or scheduled.


Tweets with multiple images can also be re-purposed and copied across Twitter channels in the Content Pool.

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