Schedule Posts Directly to Facebook

Falcon allows users to schedule posts externally on Facebook, enabling advertising of content to be set up in advance.

The flow of how to create and approve content remains the same, but we have added the option to add content directly to your Facebook queue.

Schedule content on Facebook.

  1. Within Publish, select Create Post.
  2. Select your Facebook page and Create new Facebook post.
  3. Enter the relevant content, be it text, a link, an image or a video - be creative.
  4. Add any relevant Feed or Geo-Targeting.
  5. Add any Labels.
  6. Select Schedule, and choose a date and time for your content to be published.
  7. Tick Add to Facebook queue.
  8. Send the content for approval or click Schedule.

Your approved/scheduled content will now be visible on your native Facebook queue, ready to be boosted (or edited from within Facebook, if necessary).

You will also be able to view content that has been scheduled externally in the Publish content calendar - just look for the 'Scheduled externally' marker.


It is possible for you to delete posts added to your Facebook queue, however, once a post has been added to your Facebook queue it cannot be edited within Falcon. Editing posts in the queue alters the post ID and affects your advertising campaign.

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