The Hub Mobile App

Hub by gives Falcon users the full overview of all scheduled and published content across your social channels.

Use Hub to review your planned posts, receive notifications when your followers comment and collaborate with your team on future content.

Hub integrates deeply with the other apps by With just one tap you can jump to Engage to moderate comments on a specific post or start creating content with Quick Publish.

Core Features

  • Calendar feed: See all the content that has been scheduled or published across all your social channels.
  • Instagram Publishing: Get notified about when it’s time to publish content to your Instagram app. Get more info on the Instagram publishing flow here
  • Approval on the go: Approve content that has been sent to you straight from the mobile app.
  • Reschedule: Change publication date of scheduled content.
  • Notes: Collaborate with team members by reading and writing notes on individual posts.

Additional Features

  • Filter by state, network, channels or labels.
  • Swipe sideways in the calendar to jump between months.
  • Notification view will tell you if there’s anything you need to take action on.

The Hub mobile app is available to download from the App Store and from Google Play.

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