Creating Custom Reports

Building Custom Reports for Your Brand

  1. Start by selecting Create New Report, which will open up the report builder. Select Custom Report to proceed.
  2. Name your report and choose your first module type: Channels, Benchmarking, or Teams.
  3. Select the Network type, select one or more channels and press Continue to move on to the metrics section.
  4. Select the network-specific metrics you would like to include. Please note that the available metrics will depend on the network type you have selected. Once you select a metric, the platform may automatically disable some of the metrics that cannot be combined with the selected metric in one module.
  5. Select the visualization you would like to apply to the metric. Again, certain types of graphs may be automatically disabled depending on the metric selected.
  6. Save your module.
  7. After you have saved your first module in your customized report, you will be led back to the report overview - here you will be able to see what you have created so far, save the report, edit your report or module titles and build out your report by adding new modules.


Preview your modules before finalizing your report. A preview of each reporting module will appear before you save your module. If the results are satisfactory, press Create Module to save it.

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