Quick Report: Community

Spot brand advocates and ambassadors easily with our Facebook Community report.

Customize your Community report

  1. To start, select the Community report under the Quick Report section.Community Report
  2. Select one or more Facebook page to analyze.
  3. Name your report by clicking on the 'pen' icon  and edit the titles of the different sections.
  4. Add to your report. Once you press 'create report' your report will be created and saved for the future. Afterwards you can still change it, for example if you want to exclude particular metrics or add another module.
  5. Dive into your Community details. Click the name of a community member and a user details box will appear, giving you access to all posts and comments that user has posted to your pages, even allowing you to block offending users.


By clicking on the 'i' icon, descriptions of the particular metrics will be shown.

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