Managing Multiple LinkedIn Pages in Falcon


  • Each LinkedIn page you add to Falcon needs to have a different page administrator logged in to LinkedIn when adding the page.
  • You can either make some of your co-workers as admins or create new 'dummy' profiles.
  • Please make therefore sure that there is at least one different LinkedIn administrator for each of your pages before adding them to Falcon.
  • Note - You can give more than one person administrator rights for a single LinkedIn page.

Add Pages With Different Administrators

  • If you need to add more then one page, remember to sign out from your LinkedIn profile and sign in with a different administrator account for every page that you add.
  • If you are unsure about how to add your LinkedIn profile, see here.

I Am an Administrator on Several LinkedIn pages, but I Need to Add Only One of Them?

  • If you have administrator rights to several pages on LinkedIn, due to LinkedIns API restrictions all pages that are not currently managed by Falcon will be automatically added. However, all pages but one will again get disconnected if a single LinkedIn administrator account has been used when adding the pages.
  • To make sure that only the intended LinkedIn page remains connected in Falcon, you need to delete all the other LinkedIn pages from Falcon after they've been automatically added.


Any LinkedIn page added to Falcon will disconnect every 60 days. This is a requirement of LinkedIn's API. To help keep the page connected, you'll get an email reminder each time the page disconnects.

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