Getting Access to Falcon APIs

Falcon makes it easy for you to access your Falcon data via our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Through Falcon APIs, you can access Listen and Measure metrics, Channel and content data, Engage exports, and much more. Accessing data via Falcon's APIs allows you to present your data via third party software such as websites and apps.

In this article, find out how to get access to Falcon APIs, where to find our official API documentation, and how to contact the Support team.

How Can I Get Access to Falcon APIs?

Please contact your organization's Account Manager to request access. Your Account Manager will provide you with pricing options and help you to determine how API access can help to achieve your goals.

Next, you will receive Falcon API terms and conditions from your Account Manager. Once the terms and conditions have been signed, Falcon APIs will be enabled. You can then generate an API Key by following the steps in the guide below.


Not sure how to contact your Account Manager? Please reach out to the Support Team for help getting the right contact information.

Generating an API Key

Once APIs have been enabled for your organization, you can follow the steps below to generate an API Key.


This feature is only available to Falcon users with a user role of Admin.

  1. In Falcon, click your profile image from the bottom left followed by Settings.
  2. Under the heading, Organization, select Integrations & API.blobid0.png
  3. From the top of the page, select API Keys.
  4. Click + New API Key. Your new API Key will appear in the list of API Keys as shown below.blobid1.png

Where Can I Find Falcon API Documentation?

You can find the Falcon API technical documentation, including all available APIs, terms of use, changelog, and more here.

Reaching Out to the Support Team

For any questions or issues relating to Falcon APIs or the API documentation, please contact the Falcon Support Team via our dedicated email address:

For all other queries, please visit our guide to reaching the Falcon Support Team.

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