Connecting Multiple Tokens Per Channel

As a way to prevent frequent Facebook channel disconnections, you can connect multiple tokens per Facebook channel. Each token will serve as an access point for Falcon to manage your channel. Should one token fail, we can fall back on a second token. You can do this with as many tokens as you like. Your channel will only disconnect if all tokens have become invalid.

Connecting multiple tokens

  1. The channel must first be connected to Falcon. This means we have at least one token that allows us to access the channel.
  2. Subsequent tokens can be added by connecting the channel again, even though it is already connected. The channel can be connected again by clicking Add Channels in the Channels section of the Settings menu. The channel can be found under the tab "Connected channels administrated by you".
  3. The subsequent connections will need to be made by a different user in the Facebook Business Manager, who has Admin rights for the page. Each additional token needs to be from a unique Facebook user.
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