Labels Management

Label Management is the effective way to keep your Publish, Engage, and Audience labels organized so you and your team have a clear list of labels to apply to campaigns, stock images, and conversations. The service is only available to Administrators within Settings.

Label Management


Only Admin and Team Lead users in Falcon can access the Label Management section.

From the Settings menu, click on the Labels Management tab.

From this interface, you have an overview of all the labels that are active with your organization. You may organize the view by Label Name, Total Used, or Last Time Used by clicking on the name of the corresponding column.

  1. In order to edit a label, simply click on the label itself or Edit next to it.
  2. In order to create a new label, click on the corresponding button in the upper right-hand corner. You may create multiple new labels at once.
  3. In order to merge two or more labels, select those labels, click on the Bulk Actions button and select Merge Manager from the drop-down menu.
  4. In order to delete labels, click on the trash can icon. A confirmation window will pop up before the action is completed. You may also bulk delete labels by clicking Bulk Actions.


When selecting in bulk, only the labels that are in your window view will be selected. In order to bulk select more labels, simply scroll down to see more labels and then bulk select.


For a drill-down view of how many times and where a certain label has been used throughout the platform, click on the number next to that label under the Total Used column. A new window will pop up that will show you the usage for that label.


If you label a certain campaign with one label and then label all stock items under that campaign with the same label, we will count each entity separately.


As an Administrator, you may restrict who can create new labels for your organization.

  1. Click Label Settings from the upper right-hand corner to open the Advanced Settings window.
  2. If you check All users can create labels, then all users within your organization will be able to create new labels anywhere on the platform.
  3. If you check Only administrators can create new labels, then only the Administrator is able to create new labels from this interface.
  4. Remember to click Save the Changes.
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