FAQ: Team Management

Who can create Teams?
Only Administrators.
Can I be part of more than one team?
Yes, users can belong to multiple teams.
What about administrators, can they be part of multiple teams?
Administrators have a complete overview of the whole organization, also having access to each individual team settings. Admins can switch their view to that of a single team. Learn how here.
Can I have a channel in multiple teams?
Yes. You can add a Channel to multiple teams when connecting the Channel. At any time, you can also visit a team in Settings > Teams to add a Channel from another team as described here.
Can I have one user role for one channel and another user role on another channel?
Yes, you can be either a Moderator, Content Creator or Editor on different channels.
What is a team leader?
Team leaders are a new role introduced to manage the individual teams.
Can I have more than one Team Leader in a team?
What happens if no team leader is assigned to the team?
In this case, the administrator will be the only one managing the users, channels, listening queries and templates. Approval requests for new content will be send to the editors or - if no editors are on the team - to the administrators.
Who can modify team roles?
Administrators and Team Leaders can change team settings.
What if I delete a team?
Teams can be deleted, however their users will become unassigned and will need to be assigned to another team or they won't be able to log in anymore.
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