FAQ: User Authentication

Q: How do I know what authentication providers are available to me?
A: In the Settings menu, click on My Profile. Depending on the selected authentication methods for the organization the Security and Social Login tabs might not be available or have limited functionality.
Q: What happens if a user tries to log in using a disabled authentication method?
A: During login, Falcon checks which authentication methods are available to the user, and returns an error when that user attempts to log in with an unavailable authentication method.
Q: My company has set up their own Identity Provider. How do I log in?
A: You should have received an URL from Falcon, which you need to follow in order to log in with your company's authentication method. With a successful login you will be redirected to Falcon. For more information, please refer to the following article on external authentication.
Q: Who can request changes to my authentication setup?
A: Only the Administrator(s) for your organization can request the changes via the Customer Success Manager.
Q: Are users federated between Falcon and the customer?
A. No. Users need to be set up on both ends. Only existing user accounts can be linked.
Q: Do any of the authentication methods override others?
A. No.
Q: Do I have to explicitly turn off unwanted authentication methods?
A: Yes but only Falcon.io can do it. Please contact our Support team to turn it off.
Q: What is the common identifier for the user accounts?
A: Currently we only support email as the account identifier. Note that the email must be the same on both ends of the setup.
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