Subscribing to Projects in Classic Listen

With the Subscribe feature in Listen, you can choose to receive automated notifications about your projects, directly to your personal email inbox.

Start your day by reading through your top trending projects and top trending phrases to make sure you never miss out on what's important today.

Subscribing to Your Project(s)

  1. Go to Listen.
  2. Select a project.
  3. Click Subscribe from the top right.

You can subscribe to all of your projects. By selecting the same button you can also unsubscribe if necessary.

In your Listening digest email, you will see the volume of mentions during the past 24 hours, the source of your mention and even the sentiment. You can read the mention preview directly in your mail and select View all to be directed to the Falcon platform to see more.

Listen Daily Digest emails are sent out at 08:00 AM UTC to all subscribed users.


Maintain, edit and filter your Listen queries to make sure you are receiving the most relevant mentions. Read about the Query Builder and Advanced Query Builders, or  Filters in Listen here.

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