Monitor Recent Mentions

The Monitoring view in Listen lets you add several feeds to be shown side by side, enabling you to keep track of the latest content involving your brand, products,  competitors or conversations in your industry.

How to compare topics

  1. Open one of your projects in Listen.
  2. Under Current view, select Monitoring view.
  3. Click Add Feed.
  4. Select which topics you want the feed to monitor and give it a title.
  5. Hit Save.
  6. You're done, feel free to add up to 2 more feeds.

By selecting the button on the top right of the Monitoring view, you can edit the following preferences:

  • The time range of mentions you want to see
  • How often Falcon should check for new brand mentions
  • Whether or not the feed should update automatically or manually*


Some mentions take longer to index than others, so may appear in your feed below the newest mention.

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