Engaging with Twitter Mentions

Engage with Twitter mentions

The option to engage with Twitter mentions directly from the Listen section not only makes it easier for you to be proactive in your outreach, but also gives you the opportunity to tap into relevant content and quickly incorporate it into your own outgoing communication.

You can interact with Twitter mentions in the Mentions view - use the filter for Networks and choose Twitter for an easier overview. Under each Twitter mention you will notice two icons - one for replying and one for re-tweeting.

Let's look at each of these two options in greater detail.

Reply to a Tweet

  1. Choose your project you want to access.
  2. Select Mentions under Current View.
  3. Filter by the Network and choose Twitter.
  4. To reply to a tweet, simply select the Reply icon and open up the editor. Select the channel from which you would like to reply to the respective tweet.

Once you have selected the Twitter handle, the Reply button will be enabled and all that is left to do is to compose the actual reply and press Reply.

After you have replied to a mention, you will be able to see the respective reply tweet in both Publish (in the Published folder) and in Engage with the proper filters.


You can also opt to simply retweet an interesting and relevant Twitter mention to boost engagement by selecting the re-tweeting icon underneath a particular Twitter mention.

  1. When you click on the re-tweet icon, you will open up the editor.
  2. Type to add the Twitter channel you'd like you use.
  3. You can also re-tweet to multiple Twitter channels simultaneously, as well as edit the Tweet itself.

Once you have re-tweeted a mention, you will be able to find the tweet as published content in the Publish section in the Published folder.


Organize your Twitter activities by applying labels to your retweets and replies. Go to Publish and label the post as you would be able to do with any other published post.

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