Assign messages

Engage allows you to assign specific threads, direct messages or comments to other team members and co-workers in your company, allowing for a collaborative workflow and ensuring the right message gets to your audience.

To whom can I assign threads or comments?

  • Users from the same team.
  • A whole team, if the team has access to the channel.
  • Administrators. 

Assign to a team or colleague

  1. Select the thread or comment you’d like to assign.
  2. Choose the Assign icon next to the post in the message feed, at the top of the post or use the Assign icon next to the comment.


You’ll be able to quickly navigate to threads or comments assigned to you by using the Assigned to me tab at the top of a conversation or by creating a message feed with your assignments.


Posts can also be assigned to Zendesk tickets or forwarded to an external email address, as in the case of external helpdesks.

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