Creating and Applying Smart Labels

Smart Labels is the ultimate automation tool that gives your content creators the ability to strategically and efficiently promote organic posts on the go.

Setting Up Smart Labels

Smart Labels are set on the Ad Set level following these steps:

  1. Either create a new Ad Set or select an existing Ad Set you would like to work in.
  2. Under General, find the Labels field and write out the label(s) you would like to associate with this Ad Set.
  3. In order to turn the label(s) into Smart Labels, toggle the button in the Auto Promote section. Please note that if you already attached labels when working within an existing Ad Set, they will also become Smart Labels.
  4. Next, select the channel(s) for which you would like to activate the promotion.
  5. Choose a default ad duration.
  6. If applicable, mark your posts as political ads. For more information about political ads on Facebook, and how to get approved, click here.

Promoting Posts Using Smart Labels

Now that your Advertiser and/or Analyst has setup Smart Labels within Advertise, anyone with access to Publish and publishing rights for the corresponding channels is able to promote a post following these steps:

  1. Go into Publish, click on Create Post, and select the channel for which you would like to promote the post. Please make sure you know which Smart Label is associated with which channel.
  2. Proceed with creating your post by writing in your caption, adding a link, uploading your multimedia asset, etc.
  3. In the Labels section, find and select the Smart Label that was set up in your Ad Set, which will trigger a confirmation pop-up with the promotion information linked to the Ad Set(s).
  4. You will now see the Ad Set(s) automatically added under the Promote section.
  5. You are now ready to publish your promoted post.


You can link one Smart Label to multiple Ad Sets, which can have different active duration timelines. When you use the Smart Label while scheduling a post for a certain date, Falcon will only activate the Ad Set(s) that are live during that date.

You can always use our in-platform Campaign Planner in order to ease the collaboration between multiple teams and markets. Here is how:

  1. In your Campaign brief, give the campaign a title and a date range.
  2. Write a detailed description of the objectives, team members, markets, etc. that define this campaign.
  3. Assign a team and a Smart Label of your choice to the campaign. For an even smarter automation, make sure to tick the Apply labels to stock field to the right of the Labels field.
  4. Upload the stock items you would like to use as multimedia assets for this campaign.
  5. Since you applied the Smart Label to the entire campaign brief, including the uploaded stock items, they will carry the Ad Set promotion automatically.
  6. Click on the Stock items tab, choose which stock item you would like to post and copy it to the Editor.
  7. Make sure you select the page that is associated with your Ad Set.
  8. Once in the Editor, you will see the pop-up confirming the Ad Set promotion information.
  9. You are now ready to publish this as a promoted post.
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