Facebook Ad Account - Glossary of terms

Connecting your Facebook Ad Account to Falcon lets you promote content to your existing Ad Campaigns quickly and easily.

Below is a glossary of the key terms we use when describing Ad Account integration:


An Ad is what the end user on Facebook or Instagram will see.

An Ad can appear in a range of places and can consist of various content types, such as text, images, videos and links. In essence, an Ad is a Facebook post that has been promoted to a desired audience, in a customised format, in a chosen position on either Facebook or Instagram as part of a campaign.

Ad Account
Your Facebook Ad Account hosts all of your paid ad campaigns. It is usually the responsibility of a digital advertising expert to manage the budget and campaigns created in an Ad Account, while Social Media Managers are responsible for the content that is promoted through the Ad Account.
Ad Set
The Ad Set determines where your ad is seen and by whom. At the Ad Set level, the audience, targeting, budget and scheduling will be set.
Ad Status

When you initially promote published content, your ad will be sent to Facebook for review. The status of your ad will change from Draft to Submitted. If the post submission to Facebook is successful the status will change to "Pending Review".

If the submission is not successful and the post is rejected, the status will change to "Rejected" and you'll be notified via email.

If the submission is successful and the ad has been approved by Facebook, the status will change to "Active".

When an ad is Active, Advertisers will be able to pause the ad, or resume if the ad was paused before.

User Roles
Conversion Tracking
Conversions, or user actions, such as purchases or adding to a cart on a website, can be tracked using a Facebook pixel. With Promote, you are able to assign which Conversion Tracking is implemented on a post, should the tracking have been implemented within your Ad Account.
Dark Post (unpublished post)
A Dark Post is simply a post that cannot be seen on your page's timeline, but can be seen in the placement as specified by your Ad Set. Any comments received on Dark Posts will be labelled as 'Dark Post' in Engage.

Each Facebook Ad Campaign will have designated Objectives. The Objectives supported within Falcon are:

  • Website clicks
  • Page post engagements
  • Video views
  • Website conversions
Ads can be placed in various positions on Facebook, namely News Feed on desktop, News Feed on mobile and on the right hand side of Facebook. Instagram can also be selected as a placement within an Ad Set. Placements are usually managed by a digital advertising specialist.
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