Exporting Mentions in Listen

Make the most of your mentions data in your own way by collecting, filtering, and exporting all available data for up to 5000 mentions in your existing Saved Searches. By exporting your mentions, you will receive information such as the network, location, caption, sentiment, gender, engagement, and much more.


The information in this article relates to the new version of Listen: Listen | Powered by Brandwatch. For help exporting data in Classic Listen, please follow the guide here.

Exporting Mentions from Listen

To get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. In Listen, click the Saved Searches tab.
  2. Select the applicable existing Saved Search.
  3. If applicable, apply any filters to limit your mention results. Please visit our guide to filtering your searches here.
  4. Use the calendar icon in the top right to adjust the timeframe.
  5. Above the list of mentions, click Export.mceclip0.png
  6. Click either Download csv file or Download json file.

Your chosen file will be automatically downloaded and saved as specified in the downloads location settings of your browser.

Limits for Exporting Mentions

It’s possible for your organization to export a maximum of 5000 mentions per day.

This limit applies to all Saved Searches in your organization, rather than each individual Saved Search. For example, it is not possible to export 5000 mentions from one Saved Search and 5000 from another in the same day.

In addition, the limit of 5000 mentions per day can be used up across multiple exports. For example, if you export 1000 mentions, you may still export a further 4000 mentions in the same day.


It’s not possible to place a limit on the number of mentions to be included in your export. However, you can view the total number of mentions from the top left of your analytics as described here. Please consider applying filters to your search or adjusting the timeframe using the calendar icon to reduce the number of mentions before you export.


Can I export a Quick Search?
No – It's only possible to export Saved Searches. Please save your search first in order to export the mentions.
Which Falcon users can export mentions?
All Falcon users can view your organization’s existing Saved Searches, apply filters, and export as described in the steps above.
Can I export any other graphs from the Saved Search overview?
No – It's only possible to export the Saved Search’s mentions. However, prior to exporting, you can filter your results based on key metrics and insights such as sentiment, language, gender, and more.
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