Viewing Listen Feeds in Engage

Keep an eye on your Listen searches in real-time and contribute to the conversation. In Engage, you can create feeds to view the most recent mentions for each of your Saved Searches in Listen. In this article, find out how to set up Listen feeds and view mentions from your Listen Searches.

Setting Up Listen Feeds in Engage

To get started viewing your Listen feeds in Engage, please follow the steps below:

  1. In Engage, from the top right, click Add Feed.
  2. Select the tab, Listen feed.
  3. From the Saved Search dropdown, select the Listen search you would like to include in your feed. You can only choose one Saved Search for each feed.
  4. Click Save Feed.

Your Listen feed will now appear in your list of feeds along with the Listen logo and name of your Saved Search at the top of the feed. By clicking on any Listen mention in Engage, you can see an overview of the mention metadata, such as the author, publishing date/time, the text, and media.



Due to an issue which the Falcon R&D team is aware of, Listen feeds will not be available in Engage to any Falcon user with an existing Brandwatch Consumer Research profile (under the same email address). We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.


Which users can set up Listen feeds in Engage?
Any user can create a feed in Engage for any existing Saved Searches.
Will my Listen feeds show up in the Engage Mobile App?
Yes – Your Listen feed will appear along with all other existing Engage feeds.
Can I reply, comment, or interact with mentions?
No - Currently mentions are view-only in Engage, though cooming soon, you will be able to reply, like, and assign Twitter mentions.
Will I see profile cards for the mention authors?
No - Profile cards are not available for mentions gathered via Listen. As a result, any authors indexed by Listen will not be visible in the Audience module.
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