Quick Search vs. Saved Search

In Listen, there are two search options available: Quick Search and Saved Search. In this article, find out more about the key differences and what you can achieve with each type of search.

Overview: Quick Search vs. Saved Search

When you create a new search in Listen, by default you will create a Quick Search. A Quick Search displays a preview of the data and mentions your search will produce. You can still view most available graphs and mentions. However, your data will cover only the last month, graphs and mentions may be limited as described in the table below, and your data will not be visible to any other Falcon users until you choose to save your search by clicking Save Search from the top right.


Once you decide to save your search, it will be listed under the Saved Searches tab. You will instantly have access to all available information, including all graphs, word clouds, topic wheels, mentions, and more from the last 12 months. Saved Searches can be viewed by all users in your Falcon organization at any time, allowing users to revisit, filter, export, and choose customized date ranges for available data.


Please bear in mind that, unlike Quick Searches, Saved Searches are not unlimited and may be capped as per your Falcon contract.

Visit our guide for more information about creating and saving Listen searches here.

Some of the key differences in accessible data for each type of search can be seen in the table below:

Feature Quick Search Saved Search
Number of searches available Unlimited Limited per your organization's Falcon contract.
Historical data available Previous month. Previous year.
Can be created by any Falcon user Only Team Leaders and Admins.
Access to search result insights All except for unique authors, mentions reach & impressions, and topic wheel.
Access to search result mentions
Insights data available for mentions Language and location only. Sentiment, emotion, location, and language.
Results can be filtered
Results can be saved and revisited
Results can be viewed by other Falcon users
Mentions can be exported
Email alerts can be set up and configured
Mention tags can be created and applied

Which Falcon Users Can Create Quick or Saved Searches?

Quick Searches

All Falcon users with access to Listen can create Quick Searches at any time.

Saved Searches

Falcon users with a user role of Team Leader or Admin can create, edit, and delete Saved Searches. In addition, while all users can access and view existing Saved Searches, only Team Leaders and Admins can access and manage mention tags and email alerts.

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