Switching Organizations

Any Falcon user may decide to use Falcon for more than one organization. Rather than having to log out and back into a different organization each time, Falcon users can easily stay logged in and use the Organization Switcher instead.

In this article, find out more about how the Organization Switcher works and how to get set up.

What Is an Organization Switcher?

Whether you're a part of an agency with multiple Falcon organizations or you have two or more Falcon users with entirely separate organizations, it's not easy having to log out and log back into Falcon multiple times a day.

To save you time, you can use the Organization Switcher to easily navigate to a different organization without having to log out and re-enter your login information. Data from each organization will remain entirely separate and you can use an Organization Switcher for an unlimited number of Falcon organizations.

Getting Set Up with an Organization Switcher

To view and use an Organization Switcher in Falcon, all you need to do is get invited to any other Falcon organization under the same email address as your existing Falcon user.

When you receive the invitation email for the new organization, you will not be required to complete any registration or set up a password. Similarly, there is no manual action needed from Falcon’s side - You will automatically have the option to switch between your organizations when you next log into Falcon.

To get invited to a new organization, please ask any user with a user role of Admin to follow the guide here.

What if I’m already in multiple organizations with different email addresses?

An Organization Switcher will only become an option if you exist in two or more Falcon organizations under the same email address. If you are set up in two or more organizations under different email addresses, they will each need to match before the feature will be enabled.

While it’s not possible to edit your email address in Falcon, please reach out to either your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team to request any changes.

What if I have one Falcon organization but would like to separate it into multiple?

If you would like to streamline the workflow of your team, it's possible to split your existing Falcon organization into multiple environments. By creating multiple environments, all users in your organization can make use of the Organization Switcher to access different areas of your organization.

However, splitting your organization into multiple environments may come at an additional cost. Please contact your organization's Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for more information.


Not sure who your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager is? Please contact the Support Team for help getting the right contact information.

Switching Organizations

Once you have been invited to two or more Falcon organizations, you can switch organizations by following the steps below:

  1. Log into Falcon.
  2. From the bottom left, hover over your profile image.
  3. From the menu to the right, hover over Switch organization.
  4. From the menu to the right, select the organization you would like to view.mceclip0.png

Next, the page will refresh and you will be logged in under the selected organization.


Will I continue to receive emails from all organizations?
Yes. All emails, such as Engage notifications, Channel disconnections, Listen alerts, or Engage exports will continue to arrive at your email address for all applicable Falcon organizations.
Can I change which organization I will view first each time I log in?
When you log into Falcon, by default you will access the first organization you were ever invited to. To access any other organizations, you will then need to use the Organization Switcher as described above. It’s not possible to change the default organization.
Can I view content or interact with team members from multiple organizations at the same time?
No, it’s only possible to view data from one organization at a time.
Can I have a different profile image for each organization?
Your profile image will be the same for each organization. It’s possible to change your profile image in your default (first) organization by clicking your profile image > Edit your profile > Personal Information.
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