Listen Instagram API Outage | April 2021

As a result of issues relating to Facebook’s API between 24-27 April, 2021, the Listen module was unable to index Instagram mentions into all Listen Projects. Since being reported to Facebook, the issue has been solved and Instagram mentions are being indexed as expected.

In this article, find out more about what happened, how you may have been affected, and how to contact us for more information.

What Happened?

Early on April 24, 2021, an issue on Instagram’s end was identified which prevented Listen from indexing Instagram mentions. After a prompt investigation, it was discovered that the issue was a global issue relating to Instagram’s API which affected many other platforms like Falcon using this API endpoint.

As a result, Falcon was unable to index Instagram mentions entirely for all Falcon Listen Projects until a fix could be provided by Facebook. During this time, mentions for all other sources and networks, including Facebook, were indexed as normal.

On April 27, 2021, Facebook completed their investigation and resolved the issue. The Listen engineering team began to backfill as much missing data as possible. However, Facebook policies do not, under any circumstances, allow retrieval of Instagram data further back than 24 hours.

How Were My Listen Projects Affected?

Between 03:30 (CET) April 24, 2021 and 00:00 (CET) April 27, 2021, all Falcon Listen Projects were unable to index Instagram mentions entirely due to Instagram’s API issues. However, on April 27, the Listen engineering team was able to retrieve as much data as possible to cover the last 24 hours only.

Any Listen Projects which included Instagram as a source between 03:30 (CET) April 24 and 00:00 (CET) April 26 may expect a permanent gap in Instagram data which cannot be replaced. The gap in Instagram data may affect both mentions and insights visible for your Listen Project during these days.

Were Any Other Modules Affected?

No other modules in Falcon were affected by this Instagram API issue. The issue only affected Falcon’s ability to index Instagram mentions in Listen Projects. All other modules and features will remain unaffected. You can continue to view posts, post performance, conversations, and more for your organization's connected Channels covering the dates of April 24-27, 2021.

Contact Us

We do apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. For any questions or concerns, please either contact your organization’s Customer Success Manager or reach out to the Support Team.

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