Sensitive Content in Classic Listen

When you’re creating a Topic in Listen, it can be hard to anticipate exactly what type of content other users will create with matching keywords. In Listen, several types of sensitive content will be marked as sensitive, and applicable media will be hidden by default.

In this article, find out what type of content will be considered sensitive and how to detect and view sensitive media.

What Content is Considered Sensitive?


If content is in line with Twitter’s Sensitive Media Policy and marked as sensitive, Twitter users may publicly share graphic violence, consensually produced adult content, and limited hateful imagery. Please see the excerpt from the full policy below:

“You can share graphic violence and consensually produced adult content within your Tweets, provided that you mark this media as sensitive. We may also allow limited sharing of hateful imagery, provided that it is not used to promote a terrorist or violent extremist group, that you mark this content as sensitive and don’t target it at an individual (via mentioning someone or including an identifiable individual within such images).”

Twitter content can become marked as sensitive in two ways:

  1. Twitter users can adjust their safety settings to mark their own Tweets as sensitive by following the steps described here.
  2. Twitter users can report content which may potentially violate Twitter’s Sensitive Media Policy. Content will be reviewed by Twitter and may become marked as sensitive.

Any Tweets which are marked as sensitive on Twitter will also be considered sensitive when indexed as a mention in Listen.

News, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Classifieds, and Reviews

When articles from these sources are indexed, Falcon will automatically detect words which pertain to pornography or adult content. If detected, applicable mentions will be considered sensitive in Listen.

It is not yet possible for Falcon to detect, display, or filter sensitive content for Facebook or Instagram mentions.

Viewing Sensitive Content in Listen

In Listen, open any Listen Project and visit Mentions View to view the mentions indexed for your Project.

Sensitive content will be included with all other mentions along with most metadata, such as the mention text, author, source, and engagement metrics. However, when viewing your mentions in Cards view (View type > Cards view), instead of the mention’s media you will see the information icon and warning shown below.

Click View to view the media.


When viewing your mentions in List view (View type > List view), instead of the information icon and warning, you will see the eye icon along with the option to click View as shown below.


If you click View to open a sensitive mention’s media, it will not be possible to hide it again. However, refreshing the page will automatically hide the media for all sensitive mentions again.

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