Subscribing to Falcon Webhooks

Using Webhooks, you can subscribe to receive data on third-party integrations in real time. Webhooks allow you to get updates on your Organization’s activities in Publish, such as when new Campaigns, posts, drafts, or stock items are created and much more.

In this article, find out how to get access to Webhooks, how to view, edit, and subscribe to Webhooks, and what Webhook topics are available.


Only users with a user role of Admin or Team Leader can view, edit, and subscribe to Webhooks in The options mentioned in this article will not be available to users with any other user role.

Getting Access to Webhooks

Access to Webhooks will be granted once your Organization has signed and gained access to APIs. If you have not yet gained access to APIs, please follow the complete guide on our Help Center here.

When your Organization has gained access to APIs, the options mentioned in the Webhook subscription guide below will become available.


Still not seeing the option to subscribe to Webhooks as described below? If you have signed and gained access to APIs already, please contact your Account Manager for help resolving the issue.

Subscribing to Webhooks

Once your Organization has been granted access to Webhooks, any Admin user can begin subscribing to new Webhooks by following the steps below:

  1. Click your profile image from the bottom left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. From the menu on the left, under the heading, Organization, select Integrations & API.blobid0.png
  4. Select Webhooks.
  5. Under Webhook Services, your Secret will be displayed. Your third party or application developer must use this secret to generate the correct HTTP response during our automated verification process.
  6. Next, click either Create New Webhook or New Subscription (if Webhooks have already been created).mceclip0.png
  7. Enter a secure destination URL. The destination URL defines where the information will be sent. The URL should be generated either by you or the third party receiving the Webhook data.blobid1.png
  8. Click Save & Continue.
  9. Enter name and description. The description is optional.blobid2.png
  10. Click Save & Continue.
  11. To verify, click Verify & Save.

By default, when the new Webhook subscription has been verified and saved, no Webhook topics will be selected yet. Follow the steps below to edit your subscription and choose the topics for which you would like to receive data.

Editing & Deleting Webhooks

At any time, you can edit or delete Webhooks by following the steps below:

  1. Click your profile image from the bottom left.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. From the menu on the left, under the heading, Organization, select Integrations & API.
  4. Select Webhooks.
  5. Under Webhook subscriptions, locate your Webhook and click either Edit or the Trash icon on the far right.

When editing the webhook, you can add or remove Webhook topics by checking/unchecking the Subscribed box on the right of each topic.

What Webhook Topics are Available?

There are four Webhook topics available. By editing each Webhook subscription, you can select/deselect any number of topics. Below, you can find out what notifications you can expect from each Webhook topic:

Publish Campaigns
Notifications will arrive when Campaigns are created, edited, or deleted. You will also receive a notification when Campaign attachments, labels, or reminders are added or deleted.
Publish Publication (Posts)
Notifications will arrive when existing (published) posts are deleted, archived, or copied.
Publish Publishing (Draft)
Notifications will arrive when drafts are created, updated, archived, deleted, submitted for approved, scheduled, unscheduled, published, manually published (for example, without being scheduled), and copied.
Publish Publishing Template (Stock)
Notifications will arrive when stock items in the Content Pool are created, updated, archived, and copied.
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