Promoted Instagram Comments in Engage | March 2021


Great news for advertisers on Instagram. It’s now possible to view and reply to comments on your promoted Instagram posts in Engage.

Your Instagram ads will now appear as dark posts in Engage, allowing you to easily differentiate between your organic and paid Instagram content. Using the ‘Visible on network as’ feed filter in Engage, you can also choose to create feeds specifically for your Instagram promoted content.

To get started viewing your promoted Instagram comments in Engage, you will need to make sure that you have completed the steps below:

  • Make sure that your Instagram Channel is currently connected to Falcon. Full guide available here.
  • Make sure that the associated Facebook Ad Account (the Ad Account which was used to promote your Instagram content) is connected to Falcon. Full guide available here.


Alll features in the guides listed above will only be available to Falcon users with a user role of 'Admin' or 'Team Leader'.

To find out more about getting set up, how to view Instagram promoted content, and other FAQs, please visit the full guide from our Help Center here.

In Engage, you can also now continue to streamline your efforts by applying automation rules to your Twitter and Instagram content. With every network now officially supported in Engage automation, you can create a new automation rule specifically for Twitter or Instagram content by following the steps below:

  1. In Engage, click the 'Automation' tab from the top left.
  2. Click 'Add Rule'.
  3. Under the 'Select Condition' dropdown, choose 'Network'.
  4. Under the 'Select Network' dropdown, select Twitter or Instagram.mceclip1.png
  5. Under the 'Select Action' dropdown, choose to either assign or add labels to applicable content.
  6. Enter a title for your automation rule.
  7. Click 'Add Rule'.

Please visit our Help Center article here for a complete guide to automation rules, a set up tutorial, and a full explanation of all functions.


Export your Listen Mentions in one consolidated file with the new and improved CSV Mentions Exports.

With the new exports, it’s now possible to receive up to one million Mentions per export in only one CSV file, regardless of how many Listen Topics are included and how many days are covered. In addition, along with all previously available metrics (each with clear, updated metric titles), you can now view the sentiment label and the sentiment score of each of your Mentions.

To get started exporting your Mentions, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open any Project in Listen.
  2. From the ‘Current view’ dropdown at the top, select ‘Mentions’.
  3. Using the calendar icon, choose the daterange for the Mentions you would like to include.
  4. Click the context menu (three dots) on the top right.
  5. Click ‘Export’.
  6. Using the ‘Include’ dropdown, select ‘All Mentions in daterange’.mceclip2.png
  7. Click ‘Export’.

Next, you will receive an email containing the Mentions in a single attached CSV file.

For more information and a guide to exporting your Mentions as a CSV file, please visit our Help Center guide here.


In Measure, you can now easily export your Dashboards as a PDF file using the new ‘Export to PDF’ option. In any Dashboard, click ‘Export Dashboard’ from the top right followed by ‘Export to PDF’ to open your browsers Print dialogue and save the Dashboard.


For browser-specific instructions and recommendations for optimizing your PDF export, please visit our Help Center guide here.


Following the recent release of the new Engage Mobile App, you can now save time scrolling through feeds with the new search bar.

In the Engage App, tap any feed to view the search bar at the top of the screen. Typing into the search bar will limit your results to conversations which include the same keywords anywhere in the conversation, such as in the post caption, comments, nested comments, DMs, and usernames.


Visit our full guide to the Engage Mobile App for help getting set up, help navigating the app’s features, FAQs, and more.

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