Replacement of Instagram and Twitter Channel Reports | March 2021

The long term vision of Measure is to build more advanced features in Measure Dashboards than we currently offer in Measure Reports. As such, in November 2020 we announced the gradual replacement of Reports in Measure which will allow us to focus on new, exciting features in Dashboards.

The policy we follow is to replace Reports when we offer comparable features in Dashboards. As announced in January, we began with the replacement of Publish Labels Reports and Facebook Channel Reports.

Following the release of Instagram Stories and Twitter Channel Metrics in Dashboards, we will proceed with the next step by removing both the Twitter and Instagram Channel Reports from Measure on July 7th, 2021.

What Will Be Removed?

In response to the release of Measure Dashboards in 2020, we announced that all legacy Measure Reports (found under the ‘Reports’ tab in Measure) will eventually be removed and replaced with their equivalent reporting methods in our new Measure Dashboards (found under the ‘Dashboards’ tab).

Beginning in January 2021, we removed the Publish Labels Report and Facebook Channel Report as announced here.

In July, we will remove two further reports: the Instagram Channel Report and the Twitter Channel Report. Please see below for more information on what will not be accessible in Reports after July 7th, 2021:

  • Any existing Instagram or Twitter Channel Reports.
  • The option to create new Instagram or Twitter Channel Reports.
  • All data available in Instagram or Twitter Channel Reports.
  • Future scheduled Instagram or Twitter Channel Reports.


Team Performance Reports and Engage Label Reports can still be created after July 7th, 2021. At a later date, they will be relocated to Engage. Further announcements will be made regarding the next steps.

Reporting on Instagram Channels in Dashboards

In our Measure Dashboards, we offer 2 different templates for reporting on your Instagram Channels.

You can create an 'Instagram Overview Dashboard' by going to Measure > Dashboards > Create Dashboard > Instagram Overview. The Instagram Overview Dashboard offers core KPIs for your Instagram Channel and highlights your content performance.

If your team is set up to view Instagram DMs in Engage, you will also have the option to create an 'Instagram Stories and DMs' Dashboard by going to Measure > Dashboards > Create Dashboard > Instagram Stories and DMs. This Dashboard highlights your Instagram Channel's private message and story metrics.


Not set up to view Instagram DMs in Engage yet? Please reach out to your Falcon Customer Success Manager to get set up. More information on the process can be found here.

Below, you can view feature comparisons for the Instagram Dashboard capabilities compared to the legacy Instagram Channel Report:

  Instagram Channel Report Instagram Overview Dashboard
Incoming Messages No Yes
Story Mentions No Yes
Story Replies No Yes
Direct Messages No Yes
Post Engagement Rate Metrics No Yes
Cities of the Profile's Followers Yes No
Languages of the Profile's Followers Yes No
Instagram Accounts Following Yes No

Reporting on Twitter Channels in Dashboards

In Measure Dashboards, you can create a 'Twitter Overview Dashboard' by going to Measure > Dashboards > Create Dashboard > Twitter Overview. This Dashboards template includes performance statistics for your Twitter accounts and top level tweets.

Below, you can see a full feature comparison for the Twitter Overview Dashboard compared to the legacy Twitter Channel Report:

  Twitter Channel Report Twitter Overview Dashboard
Content Performance Metrics Only 2 metrics available: 'Comments' and 'Favorites'. 45 metrics available. The full list can be found here.
Number of Tweets Only original Tweets. Retweets are not included. Both Tweets and Retweets are included.
Number of Retweets Only original Tweets. Retweets are not included. Both Tweets and Retweets are included.
Number of Mentions Yes No


Will I lose any data if I switch from Reports to Dashboards?
No, Falcon retains the same data (and more) for you in Dashboards as we did in Reports. If you view the same metrics in Dashboards which were available in your Reports, you will be able to view the same amount of historical data.
Scheduling Reports has been a useful feature. How can I achieve the same with Dashboards?
The Public Dashboards feature offers the possibility to share your Dashboard with anyone through a link. You can set a date range of the ’Last x days’ to automatically update the report with the latest data each time you visit it. You can add the link to the Public Dashboard to, for example, a recurring calendar meeting so that you can review your performance at a regular interval, such as every week or month.
My legacy Measure Reports were shared with my team in Falcon by default. Can I share Dashboards in the same way?

Allowing you to share a Dashboard within a team in Falcon will be a priority for us. We aim to have this available in May 2021. We will update you with further announcements as we get closer to this feature. In the meantime, our Public Dashboards can be used to share a customized Dashboard with your team.

Alternatively, unlike Reports (which can only be created by those with a Team Leader or Admin user role), Dashboards can be created by any user role using the same Dashboard Templates as the rest of the team.

Will you deprecate the legacy Engage Label Report and Team Performance Report?
We currently don’t offer any alternative reporting methods for Engage Labels or Team Performance in Dashboards yet. As such, there are no immediate plans to remove the Engage Labels Report or the Team Performance Report from Measure. However, we will make further announcements on the status of both reports if anything changes in the future.
Can I still click on each post to view a detailed post performance breakdown?

In Dashboards, we offer many more metrics to choose from than we had available in Reports, though it's only possible to view a maximum of five metrics at a time on any Content Performance widget. Clicking on a post won't expand it to show additional metrics.

To view additional metrics for your posts, we recommend that you add a new Content Performance widget to your Dashboard (Pencil icon > '+ Add New Widget' > 'Content Performance') then select an additional five metrics of your choice.

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