Sources for Classic Listen Mentions

When you create a Topic for your Project in Listen, you will have the option to select sources for your Mentions. There are nine sources in total, including different social media networks, news, blogs, forums, and more.

In this article, you will find out more about each available source and what you can expect to see from them in Listen.


The information in this article relates to the classic version of the Listen module. For information on sources in Listen | Powered by Brandwatch, please visit the guide here.

What Sources Are Available in Listen?

When you’re creating or editing a Topic in Listen, you will have the option to choose from nine sources. On the right-hand side of your query, use the From source dropdown to select/deselect any number of the available sources. The sources will include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • News
  • Blogs & Comments
  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Classifieds
  • Reviews

What Mentions Can I Expect to See from Each Listen Source?

Below, you can find out more about each source and what type of content you should expect to see when a source is selected in Listen.

The content described in this article must always match your Topic’s query in order to be indexed. For help building your query, please visit our Help Center guide here.

Please bear in mind that it’s possible to apply a filter to your query which may automatically exclude a source, even if it is selected. For example, applying the twitterfollowers filter will exclude mentions from all other sources. Similarly, applying the country filter will exclude Instagram mentions, which are anonymous.


Public timeline posts from Facebook pages will be indexed as mentions. Posts from Facebook pages may not be indexed if they are restricted or geo-gated. Customer posts on a Facebook page’s timeline will also not be indexed.

Currently, personal Facebook profiles are not monitored in Listen.


Listen actively tracks an extensive list of Facebook pages by default. However, if you notice that a matching mention from a Facebook page was not indexed, please contact the Support team. The page will be added to our database and tracked going forward.


Public Tweets, Retweets, and Quoted Tweets will be indexed as mentions.


If you are a governmental entity, Twitter may be unavailable as a source option for your Topic by default. To be compliant with Twitter’s policies, your organization may be subject to specific requirements and Twitter’s approval. You can find out more information from our Help Center guide here.


Instagram is unique to other Listen sources due to Instagram’s API requirements. The full guide to listening to Instagram can be found on our Help Center here, though some key differences are highlighted below:

  • It is only possible to search on Instagram using hashtags instead of keyword (e.g., #falcon instead of simply, Falcon)
  • You can only search for a maximum of 30 hashtags per connected Instagram Channel. Find out more about managing your Instagram hashtags in Listen here.
  • All results are anonymous.

As a result, public Instagram posts will only be indexed if they match a hashtag in your query. However, the author information will not be visible. Additionally, the timestamp visible on your Listen mention will reflect when the mention was indexed by Falcon, not when the post was originally created.


Instagram stories and IGTV posts will not be indexed due to API restrictions.


Online news articles containing text matching your query will be indexed as mentions provided they are not behind a paywall.

For example, articles from CNN, NBC, or BBC.

Blogs & Comments

Public blog posts and blog comments containing text matching your query will be indexed as mentions.

For example, posts and comments on Pypi, WordPress, or Techbargains,


Posts on publicly accessible forums which contain text matching your query will be indexed as mentions.

For example, posts on The Student Room, BigSoccer, or RPGnet.


Wikis are online resources which can be edited by multiple users. A wiki can exist for any subject, though not all wikis are publicly accessible. When chosen as a source, public wiki articles containing text matching your query will be indexed as mentions.

For example, articles from Wikipedia, the Game of Thrones Wiki, or the GTA Wiki.


Classifieds are websites which contain listings, such as items for sale. When ‘Classifieds’ is selected as a source, listings containing text matching your query will be indexed as mentions.

For example, listings on Craigslist, Etsy, or Gumtree.


Publicly accessible entries on review websites containing text matching your query will be indexed as mentions.

For example, reviews on Yelp, Glassdoor, or TripAdvisor.


News, Blogs & Comments, Forums, Wikis, Classifieds, and Reviews are indexed in Listen via a third-party provider which actively monitors a large list of active web sources to provide matching mentions. At any time, you can contact either your Falcon Customer Success Manager or the Support team to verify if a particular source, such as a website, blog, or forum, is already being monitored. If necessary, the team can easily submit a request for any sources which aren’t currently being monitored.

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